LocateSmarter Introduces Movali Analytics and Movali 3.0

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Announcement Delivers Big Data Tools, Analytical Services and Expanded Data Sources

CEDAR FALLS, IA – April 20, 2016 – LocateSmarter, a provider of consumer data and innovative technologies, announced today their new analytics professional services as well as their enhanced phone append product, Movali 3.0. The two new offerings will enable the collections industry to optimize the performance of their phone data through in-depth analysis of call disposition data and big data tools.

Movali Analytics will offer a solution that can organize collection agencies’ call disposition data, evaluate the data’s effectiveness, and work toward optimizing the client’s phone append product with data-driven metrics and product customization.

Clients can expect to see lower data costs from filtering out non-performing/bad data; improved operational efficiency by focusing on phone numbers most likely to yield a right party contact (RPC); and reduced regulatory risk with fewer wrong numbers.

LocateSmarter Senior Data Analyst, Brandon Huisman, commented, “Our end goal is to provide a highly efficient service to our clients that results in the best data possible, along with the information needed to maximize effectiveness. We will accomplish this by using call disposition data as a continuous learning mechanism to evolve and adapt the way skip tracing data is mined and utilized in the collection world.”

In addition to Movali Analytics, LocateSmarter will also be enhancing their batch phone append product, Movali, with additional data source options in their 3.0 release, providing unique, incremental RPC lift.

Movali provides a list of high quality data sources that can be used to create a custom product. The client is shown each data source’s performance metrics such as cell-to-landline distribution, quality score, processing time and hit rate. Using the Movali Simulator, the client can mimic how different combinations of the data sources would impact the product’s performance. This can be simulated at a client-level as well as a portfolio-level.

LocateSmarter Product Manager of Batch Services, Chance Hoskinson explained, “To maintain competitive advantage, many agencies handle portfolios with designated management, strategies, or technology. Today, those same agencies treat all their portfolios with the same phone products because it’s too difficult to manage a dynamic process internally and their vendor partners can’t make it a reality. We’re changing that with Movali 3.0.”

For more information about LocateSmarter, Movali Analytics or Movali 3.0, please contact LocateSmarter at 888-254-5501 or visit www.locatesmarter.com.


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