Reduce false positives and false negatives with LocateSmarter’s bankruptcy product.

Custom Bankruptcy Monitoring

LocateSmarter’s bankruptcy product uses strict match logic and verification strategies to reduce false positives and false negatives. Data is obtained from 93 court sites and 281 court divisions/offices. Social security numbers are appended from six databases to ensure data accuracy.

Unlike other bankruptcy products on the market, LocateSmarter’s Custom Bankruptcy Monitoring allows you to choose the bankruptcy statuses that result in a ‘hit’ or notification. This ability lets you follow a record throughout the entire bankruptcy process while only paying for the updates that matter to you.

Obtain status updates like ‘dismissal’, ‘bar date update,’ and ‘asset found’ to identify recovery opportunities; and statuses such as ‘discharge’ and ‘ re-open’ to help manage your business processes. Contact LocateSmarter for a complete list of bankruptcy statuses.

Bankruptcy Scrub

Send us your file. If a bankruptcy is identified, LocateSmarter will return the full bankruptcy report for the consumer. You can choose whether or not you want dismissals returned.

Standard Bankruptcy Monitoring

We store your entire account portfolio and scrub it daily for bankruptcy indicators. When an indicator is found, the record is removed from our system and returned to you, along with the full bankruptcy report.

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