According to the United States Postal Service, 23.6% of all US mail contains errors. These errors can not only lead to undeliverable mail but may also result in poor skip tracing data for processes that use addresses to find a consumer match.

LocateSmarter offers several products to update, enhance and append address data, increasing contactability and reducing the costs associated with undeliverable mail (i.e.- labor, postage, printing, etc.).

More Change of Address Coverage


Gain access to 60 months of change-of-address data. LocateSmarter’s NCOAlink® license provides 48 months of address forwarding information, whereas most other licenses only provide 18 months. Plus, get even more coverage with our 60-month proprietary product, Change of Address Plus (COA+), which compiles address data from alternative sources such as credit cards and self-reported data. Also includes the following services: CASS, DPV and LACS.

Add Missing Secondary Information


The address enhancement product corrects an undeliverable address and appends missing secondary information such as apartment, suite and rural route numbers. This product corrects up to 40% of undeliverable addresses when used before NCOA.

Build Appended Addresses into a Workflow for Improved Results


Our address append product captures data from multiple sources and appends it to your file. Then, using our patented platform and workflow feature, you can send the rest of your file for additional data points, including phone append, bankruptcy scrubs, and more. By updating your address first, you’ll receive additional information that you might not have otherwise.

*NCOAlink® is a registered trademark of the United States Postal Service.

Contact LocateSmarter to learn how our address solutions can improve contactability, reduce expenses associated with incorrect addresses, and improve your overall skip tracing results.