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Quality Data and Analytics
to Support Your Business
LocateSmarter provides contact information, compliance scrubs, scoring solutions and more to help your business succeed.
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Whether you need the most up-to-date contact and location information or historical data to fuel your products, we work to find the solution you need.

Batch Data:

Our batch products provide consumer location information, confidence scores and data to support your compliance processes.

Online Search Platform:

Our online search platform, LocateSmarter Online, provides multiple search functions for persons, businesses, assets, licenses and court records.

API Data:

We provide API access to current and historical regulated and non-regulated data including person, business, court records, assets and license information.

Data Licensing:

We can find the data you need in-house at terms that work for your business.


  • Accounts receivable management
  • Identity verification services
  • Financial institutions
  • Auto repo
  • Bail bonds
  • Private investigations
  • Background screening

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