API Accessible Data

Access consumer data through our Application Programming Interface (API).

Many businesses use consumer data to support their products and processes. LocateSmarter offers comprehensive current and historical consumer data through API access. This data is sourced from two of the three bureaus, as well as alternative financial services header data. Searches can be done using numerous inputs including name and address, social security number and phone number.

Returned data can include:

      • Name
      • Address
      • Phone Number
      • AKA
      • Relatives
      • Associates
      • SSN
      • DOB
      • Driver’s License

Client Testimonial

I’ve worked with the LocateSmarter team for more than 5 years, and can attest first hand that LS can add value to any organization that relies on data enrichment.   The LS team stays ahead of the curve by constantly fine tuning their matching logic to increase Right Party Contact rates, while decreasing the volume of wrong numbers that are obtained from skip tracing.  They truly care about the quality of their data, have phenomenal customer service & support, and are proactive in helping their Clients monitor and identify trends that can be leveraged to help increase results.  Over the years many Creditors have increased pre-charge off recoveries, which ultimately lowers the liquidation rates post charge off.  Partnering with LocateSmarter can help boost both the top and bottom line of any P&L, while helping your organization become more competitive on the scorecard.

Raf Leszczynski                 

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