With a stronger focus on omnichannel communication in the ARM industry, it’s critical that email be one of the choices available to your consumers. However, 17% of consumers create new email addresses every 6 months and 30% change mail addresses annually, causing the addresses in your CRM to become dated quickly.

LocateSmarter can provide up-to-date, valid email addresses with its Email Append product.

Great Email Append Coverage

LocateSmarter’s Email Append product is sourced from a permission-based national file with over 200 million addresses – one of the largest repositories of email addresses.

Multi-step Validation Provides Clean Email Addresses

LocateSmarter email addresses go through a validation process to identify records known to be associated with spam traps, invalid emails and domains, role accounts, complainers, known hard-bounces, etc. A second validation process filters invalid and unknown addresses, temporary addresses and catch-all domains from the result file.

Add Email Append to your Skip Tracing Workflow

It’s simple to add email to your existing LocateSmarter Workflow. Add one field to your input file for email address deduping and add one field to your return file layout for the resulting email. Not using a skip tracing workflow with LocateSmarter? Be sure to check out our other batch products.

Contact LocateSmarter to learn how our address solutions can improve contactability, reduce expenses associated with incorrect addresses, and improve your overall skip tracing results.