If your business needs are better met with data in-house, LocateSmarter offers licensing agreement options. Our databases include:

• Alternative Credit Header Data
• Professional Licenses
• International Data

We are not limited to those data sets. We use our numerous data industry relationships to find opportunities that fit your needs. We also work with you to come up with terms that work for your individual needs.

Professional License

Would your company benefit from receiving bulk Professional License data. Whether legal, medical, construction or other license type we’ve got the most comprehensive data set available.

Financial Institution Data

Access over 200 million consumer records, updated monthly, from financial institutions across the U.S. This alternative to credit header data has a wide reach that includes the unbanked and underbanked population.


Yellow pages data, business data, CallerID information and more is available for over 70 countries. This is available through licensing or via API access.

Make sure your strategies and data align. Contact LocateSmarter to get started today.