LocateSmarter Volunteers as Pen Pals to Elementary Students

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Data company partners with local elementary school to enhance students’ academic and social development throughout school year

CEDAR FALLS, IA – May 23, 2018 – Employees from the data and analytics company, LocateSmarter, served as pen pals to elementary students throughout the 2017-2018 academic school year through a local Partners in Education program. The company had 100% employee participation from their Cedar Falls office.

From September 2017 to this May, LocateSmarter exchanged several handwritten letters with their 4th grade pen pals, helping the students to practice their handwriting, spelling and grammar.

LocateSmarter Director of Strategic Alliances, Brandon Medlin commented, “I feel very fortunate to participate in this youth development activity. It takes a village helping our kids build the skills they need for their future. It’s a simple task to exchange letters, but the impact is far greater.”

LocateSmarter Volunteers - Julie

LocateSmarter Manager of Operations, Julie Anderson poses for a picture with her pen pal.

On May 17, LocateSmarter got the opportunity to meet their pen pals during a pizza party and an extended recess at the students’ elementary school. LocateSmarter employees and their pen pals played tag, kickball and various other activities.

Product Manager Tyler Benson added, “While we got to know our pen pals over the course of several months through letters, it was great to finally meet them in person. You quickly got the sense that we were making a genuine impact on their day and you simply can’t put a value on that. It’s a great program with a great purpose and I look forward to participating again.”

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