LocateSmarter Selects Neustar for Consumer Identity Verification

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Application Offers Increased Compliance with Phone Verification and De-Duplication Features

CEDAR FALLS, IA – September 11, 2014 – LocateSmarter, a cloud-based data delivery platform, today announced its partnership with Neustar. Through this relationship, LocateSmarter is offering Neustar’s Multi-Point Identity Confidence solution as part of its Priority Phone Scoring feature, which returns a numerical score reflecting the strength of a consumer’s association with any given phone number. This intelligence further enables users to identify the quality of their data, mitigate risk, significantly increase right party contact rates, and develop business strategies from the analytical platform.

President of LocateSmarter, Chad Benson stated, “LocateSmarter allows users to access the most innovative products and data providers for accounts receivable management. Our unique approach to data delivery positions us to partner with leading data intelligence providers like Neustar and together reach new markets.”

“The integration of Neustar’s consumer intelligence with LocateSmarter’s cloud-based BPaaS delivery platform offers a centralized location to drive smarter process decisions,” said Dorean Kass, Vice President of Sales, Neustar.  “We are confident that our partnership with LocateSmarter will provide the marketplace with increased operational efficiencies and higher contact rates all while mitigating compliance risk.”

In addition to the phone priority score that will be released later this month, LocateSmarter also features a dual-layer process that prevents duplication of phone numbers.  This process enables users to include all known information, including wrong numbers, and then uses the information as a filter. “We ensure that our clients only receive new data when using our skip trace application thus increasing compliance with regulations such as FDCPA (Fair Debt Collection Practices Act) and reducing the expenses incurred while skip tracing,” said LocateSmarter’s Operations Manager, Jessica Phelan.

“The addition of Neustar’s consumer verification solution will help our clients identify and better manage consumer phone data quality leading to increased value,” Phelan stated. “In the current environment, incorrect phone numbers are often times not known to be incorrect and continue to be pushed out to those in need of consumer data. Neustar’s authoritative intelligence helps our users identify this and change their strategies to ensure they are making educated decisions based on measurable, real-time results.”

According to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s (CFPB) quarterly report, 24.1% of their complaints in quarter two of 2014 stemmed from continued attempts to collect on debts not owed, including wrong numbers.

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