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Lexington National Agent Exclusive:

Class: Deep Dive 

Dates: April 22nd, 24th and 26th  

Description: Join us for a live online webinar with Alex “SkipGuru” Price. We will cover how to combine human behavior, communication skills, data and the psychology behind what I have done to hunt humans over the last 40 years! We will cover everything from how to identify what type of skip you have as well as how to locate them, how to get maximum results from data, how to pre-skip every bond for better underwriting and much more! This is the most in depth class I teach online. After class resources and a certificate will be given to all who attend. Welcome to the chaos of my mind!!! 

Disclaimer: this is the same class each day just taught at different times in order to fit everyone’s schedule…  

To register for April 22nd, 2024, 1:00PM Central Time

“Deep Dive”

To register for April 24th, 2024, 11:30AM Central Time

“Deep Dive”

To register for April 26th, 2024, 1:00PM Central Time

“Deep Dive”