Phone Score: An internal score that shows the data provider’s guess of how likely the phone number belongs to the consumer you’re trying to reach.

LocateSmarter’s LocateScore:
A data-driven score that combines data from various points to provide an accurate estimation on what phone numbers are connected to individual people.

Let LocateSmarter’s LocateScore Help You

LocateSmarter wants to bring efficiency to agencies’ compliance within the 7-in-7 component of the CFPB’s final debt collection rule taking effect in May 2022. With only seven call attempts to a consumer within seven days, precision dialing strategies are needed to make consumer contact.

That’s where we come in. LocateSmarter has an affordable solution to help you determine which phone number needs to be called to reach a right party contact (RPC) within the approved calling window. Our LocateScore will not only tell you the likelihood of the phone being in the hands of the person you’re trying to reach, but it also factors in phone activity to determine if the consumer will answer. We pride ourselves on being source agnostic – we’ll score any phone number you send to us.

If that isn’t enough of a reason to contact us,
consider the points below:

We cost 30% less than our competitors, saving you not only time with our efficiency, but money too.

We offer higher quality data. Our LocateScore isn’t just our estimation; it’s formulated by combining data to provide the best score on the market.

We don’t lock you into long contracts. However, even though you may not be stuck in a 2-5 year contract, we believe after seeing our results you’ll want to stay that long.

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